About Veronica Scott

Veronica Scott is not my real name.

Some time in the early 2000s, when the country of my birth began imploding, I was approached by the UK Sunday Times and asked to write a story about my experiences there. My government openly hated the West and was opposed to foreign journalists, locking them up left and right for perceived crimes. I was still living in the country at the time and I decided it in mine and my family’s best interests for me to use a pseudonym.

I love to take photographs, especially candid pictures of people going about their day-to-day business.

I also love taking pictures of animals and am an avid wildlife conservationist with strong views on the subject. I try to avoid public debate however, and will rather point anyone interested in the matter to other, well-written sites that are dedicated to the subject of sustainable conservation.

I like to read and I am in the process of writing my own novel, which is based on real-life events. I have spent many hours ‘thinking about it’ but not much time yet doing any actual writing. I am sure it will come.

I am a self-proclaimed “Grammar Nazi” (I actually hate that word and am working on a less offensive replacement. Watch this space); misspellings and grammar errors put my teeth on edge! Two years ago I began an online course in Proofreading, hoping to channel my fervourĀ  more productively than muttering and swearing every time I read something on Facebook or Twitter. A few setbacks put a halt to my studies for a while, but with my only New Year Resolution for 2018 being to complete the course, I’m hoping that my intolerance will soon start to earn me some money.